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Concorde 2003

30 Jul

hobby airplanes

Kit: Concorde Set 1969-2003 Scale: 1:144

Kit type: Injection moulded, including paint, glue, brush and poster

Decal options: (multiple) for any British Airways aircraft in any standard scheme from 1985 to 2003 UK price: £19.99 Website: www. revell. de

One thing that editing Scale Aircraft Modelling has done for me is give me an appreciation of the variety of airliner models available in 1:144 scale. As products from various manufacturers passed over the editorial desk for onward passage to reviewers, I became more an more interested in trying one. Not since Airfix’s Iberia 727 had I been tempted, but the arrival, in its huge box, of this special-edition Concorde set from Revell seemed like the perfect opportunity. No doubt intended to benefit from the publicity surrounding the type’s retirement, the set includes Revell’s 1991-vintage kit moulded in white plastic, a superb decal sheet by DACO products, a Contacta cement dispenser, seven tin-lets of Revell’s Email Color enamel, a bottle of Painta Clean brush cleaner, a paintbrush and a poster combining the box art with an image of G-BOAD on its way to display aboard USS Intrepid. So not only did the set allow me to try Revell’s enamels and brush cleaner – both new products to me – but it might also get me interested in Concorde. Outside its technological brilliance, I’ve never really seen what the fuss was about.
I followed the instructions more or less in order, although detail parts like the undercarriage units were left off until painting had been completed. I decided to use the supplied items throughout, although I didn’t attempt to paint the model’s exterior using the tin-let of white enamel and small brush supplied. Here I reverted to Halfords Appliance White car spray paint. The enamels I can report worked as well as any others, while the Painta Clean was a revelation, being far and away the best such product I’ve used.
The model generally went together well, although I never found a way to secure the nose ‘drooped’. Instead I fitted it in ‘flight’ position, but it is wider than the forward fuselage and I never really fixed the resulting step. By cementing the wing uppersurfaces to the moulded roots on the fuselage I was able to eliminate any unsightly seams along these crucial and very long – even in this scale – joints. I did less well with the single underside part. A large moulding is provided for the wing/fuselage underside centre section, to which two inserts are added to mount the engine nacelles. I didn’t get this assembly entirely ‘square’ and had some complex filling and sanding to do around the undersides of the leading edges. I should also have blanked the insides of the jetpipes, since the white plastic of the engine fronts can be seen through mine.

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