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Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force

18 Feb

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,rc scale models

Lavochkin La-11 ‘Fang’ ‘Yellow 26’, 351st IAP, Shanghai area

China received its first La-11s in 1950, many being flown by Russian pilots. The aircraft was found to easily be a match for USAF P-51Ds during sporadic combat in the early 1950s.

North American P-51 Mustang, ‘3032’ 1st Fighter Squadron, summer 1949

The PRC operated a number of aircraft captured from Taiwan and impressed into People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) service during the late 1940s. Many of these were P-51Ds and Ks. Note that on ‘3032’ the original blue Taiwanese rudder stripes have been overpainted in red, in keeping with Chinese markings of

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model motorbikes

Lavochkin La-9UTI ‘Fritz’ ‘Yellow 33’, 351st IAP, Shanghai area

The purpose of the three horizontal bands below the code on this aircraft is unknown. Note the fixed tailwheel, a feature of the La-9UTI.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,wooden model airplane kits

Yakovlev Yak-17UTI ‘Magnet’ ‘Red 19’

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) operated the Yak-17UTI as a transition aircraft for the MiG-9 and, later, the MiG-15 (J-2). China operated only the Yak-17UTI variant from the Yak-15, -17 and -23 series of jet fighter/trainers.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model aircraft kits
Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model helicopter kits

*Since the PRC does not use the F. S. code system, the F. S. numbers given are approximate

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,diecast airplane

All to 1:72 scale unless otherwise stated

Yakovlev Yak-11 ‘Moose’

Yakovlev Yak-11 ‘Moose’ ‘Red 06’

China operated a large number of the neat little Yak-11, developed from the superlative Yak-3 fighter. These aircraft bridged the training gap between basic trainers such as the U-2 and jets such as the Yak-17UTI and MiG-15UTI. It is believed that the colouring of this Yak-11 was overall painted aluminium.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,plastic model airplane

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9 ‘Fargo’ ‘Red 2135’

Along with the Yak-17UTI, the MiG-9 was one of the first jet types to be operated by the PLAAF. A number were delivered in 1950 to be used as single-seat trainers, although the aircraft proved to be unreliable. China was the only export customer for the MiG-9.

de Havilland Mosquito FB. Mk 26

Another aircraft captured from the Nationalists was this Mosquito. It is now on display at the Beijing Aviation Museum in a rather dilapidated state, lacking the panelling of its port wing. It is shown here as it may have appeared in service.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,jet airplane models

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis/ J-2 ‘Fagot’ ‘Black 0227’ and ‘Red 26100’

China took delivery of its first MiG-15bis during the Korean War, although Chinese pilots had been flying North Korean MiGs in combat from 1951. Although it received the Chinese designation J-2 (Jian-2), the MiG-15bis was never built in China, the only work carried out being servicing and overhauls. Its VK-1A turbojet was, however, manufactured under licence, as the WP-5A. During their service career, the Chinese MiG-15s employed a vast array of finishes, two of which are shown here.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI/JJ-2 ‘Midget’ ‘Red 51889’

The Chinese also operated a large number of MiG-15UTI ‘Midget’ trainers, under the designation JJ-2 (Jianjiji Jiaolianji-2). Again, these were supplied by the Soviet Union, with some still active today, although their numbers are dwindling.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model flying aircraft Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,free flight models

Mikoyan-Gurevich/Shenyang MiG-17F/J-5 ‘Fresco-C’ ‘Red 63049’

The first Chinese-built MiG was based on the MiG-17F ‘Fresco-C’. Designated J-5 in Chinese service, the initial aircraft were supplied as kits from the Soviet Union, with the first fully-Chinese J-5 completed at the Shenyang aircraft factory in July 1956. This overall silver finish was common throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Shenyang J-5 ‘Red 2424’

The Chinese aviation industry had to overcome tremendous difficulties in the years following the withdrawal of technical aid by the Soviet Union. This led to some interesting offshoots of existing designs. This J-5 was obviously used in early radar tests and bears an uncanny resemblance to the Soviet SP-2 ‘Korshun’ radar-equipped MiG-17 testbed. It is now an outdoor museum exhibit.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model plane kits for adults

Shenyang J-5 ‘Red 36094’

‘Red 36094’ was operated by the People’s Liberation Navy Air Force (PLNAF), and was finished in an attractive two tone blue over white scheme for overwater operations.

Chengdu J-5A ‘Red 2072’

The Chengdu-built J-5A was essentially similar to the MiG-17PF all-weather fighter, and as such became one of China’s first radar-equipped fighters.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model plane plans

Chengdu JJ-5 ‘Red 63549’

A two-seat version of the MiG-17 never existed, so China developed its own. Designated JJ-5 (Jianjiji Jiaolianji-5/fighter trainer-5), it was developed from the standard J-5 but employed a slightly lengthened fuselage encompassing a second seat for an instructor. It was built at the Chengdu plant.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,model airplane supply

Chengdu JJ-5 ‘White 509’, ‘1st August’ aerobatic team

This highly colourful, patriotically marked JJ-5 was operated by the ‘1st August’ aerobatic team. Despite the extra weight imposed by the addition of the second seat, the JJ-5 retained all of the manoevrability of the single-seater.

Shenyang J-6 ‘Red 62498’

Although the MiG-19 was discontinued in favour of the MiG-21 by the Soviet Union, China continued to build its J-6 equivalent at the Shenyang factory. ‘Red 62498’ is believed to have had an orange-red spine.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,1 48 scaleChinese Fighters. Chinese air force,plastic airplane models

Shenyang J-6 ‘Red 30736’

The J-6 has worn a wide variety of finishes. ‘Red 30736’ is shown in a two-tone brown over light blue ‘tiger stripe’ sprayed finish.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,rc airplane engines

Shenyang J-6III ‘Red 11322’

The J-6III was an uprated J-6 with more powerful Wopen WP-6A turbojets. What appears to be a centrebody radome is, in fact, a variable-geometry shock cone. The J-6111 was also fitted with cropped wings. The type suffered numerous problems in service, mainly associated with its handling, resulting in a major pre-delivery rebuild programme.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,helicopter diecast models

Shenyang J-6A ‘Red 14121’

The Shenyang J-6A was essentially similar to the radar-equipped MiG-19P gun-, and PM missile-armed aircraft. Compared to the Soviet machines, the J-6A employed an intake lip of revised shape and a pointed centrebody. ‘Red 14121’ carries four PL-1 beam-riding air-to-air missiles. These were copies of the Soviet AA-1 ‘Alkali’.

Chinese Fighters. Chinese air force,scale model guide

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