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Boeing’s B-47

16 Aug

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Information on Italian observation biplanes is pretty scarce, and I do not think that there is much on the kit front either, so once again Windsock has come to the rescue. As usual this title starts by covering the development and operational history of the featured aircraft, supported by a large number of photographs. Many of these are of excellent quality, but even so, it.

Boeing’s B-47 Stratojet Alwyn T. Lloyd Specialty Press £24.99 Website: www. specialtypress. com

The Boeing B-47 Stratojet was America’s first successful jet bomber and one of the most enduring symbols of US airpower during the Cold War years. At its peak strength in 1956, some 1,300 B-47s constituted 80 per cent of Strategic Air Command’s nuclear strike force. However, it was its technical achievement more than its operational career that made makes one realise how difficult it is to determine colour schemes from period photographs. Because only a wing
it into a legend, when it introduced the podded engine and the swept wing to large jet aircraft, and in doing so helped usher in the modern jetliner era.
Author Alwyn Lloyd, a career Boeing employee and leading historian/writer on Boeing aircraft and the Strategic Air Command, has written what is perhaps the best book ever to appear on this remarkable aircraft. His access to Boeing’s archives and many official sources has allowed him to present the В-47’s development and operational history in unprecedented scope and hitherto unseen detail.
The Stratojet story, presented in 11 chapters and six appendixes, is well written and illustrated with over 400 photographs and many drawings, a large number of them never previously published. AAHS member Lloyd S. Jones provided excellent detailed drawings for the book.
The first chapters deal with the В-47’s development, flight sample has survived, much of the camouflage information is speculative and based in some cases on similar patterns used on other contemporary aircraft types in Italian service.
The 1:72 and 1:48 scale drawings are by Martin Digmayer and a cockpit drawing is also included. This sort of thing is priceless when building a model. Another useful feature is a colour photograph of the engine type used in this aircraft – again a vital inclusion. Many modellers probably paint this component dark grey and leave it at that, when in fact many engines are multicoloured – though not s
test programme and production. The bomber, RB/EB/WB reconnaissance and other special variants are described in great detail in the following chapters, along with the many service evaluation, upgrade and test programmes that went by such names as Project Tee Town and Operation Pop Up, and nuclear test Projects Ivy and Plumbob.
One chapter is devoted to stillborn concepts, and to the numerous test-beds that were devoted to testing avionics, engines and missiles, the latter including Rascal, Crossbow and Bold Orion. The technical description of the Stratojet and its systems, avionics and combat systems is accompanied by numerous service manual illustrations and tables.
This book would of course not be complete without a thorough treatment of the Strotojet’s operational history and its role in some of the most dangerous years of the Cold War. Maximising the Stratojet’s deterrent effectivemuch in this case. Each of the three colour profiles sports a different scheme. One is in bleached linen with a green forward section, one has a disruptive scheme of green, grey and fabric, and the third has its fabric fuselage and upper wing surfaces heavily mottled with green, a green nose and a very large ‘Daisy’ painted on its fuselage sides.
This book is what I expect from Albatros Productions and an automatic buy for the World War I enthusiast.

Meant forward basing, dispersals, alert and ‘Reflex’ operations – from the Continental US to the UK, from North Africa to the Far East. Though the B-47 never fired a shot in anger, it has been at the receiving end of MiG gunfire, as brave EB-47 crews flew reconnaissance and Elint missions along the ‘Iron Curtain’ – sometimes paying the ultimate price in doing so. At least seven RB-47s were lost to hostile action between 1955 and 1965
Tables of production numbers, units and markings, variants, accidents, and a colour photograph section are presented in six appendixes.
Space unfortunately did not permit inclusion of a glossary or references, but the author was more than happy to provide them to this reviewer. This book is a must for anyone interested in Boeing, the B-47, SAC and the Cold War, since the author ties all of these together quite nicely. Highly recommended.

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