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Boeing 737-300 passenger

8 Jul

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Boeing 737-300 Scale: 1:144
This is one of a trio of new kits from the Belgian manufacturer DACO. The other two feature the Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-500. They all depict ‘white tail’ machines that you can customise by adding your own markings. However, the kits do have basic general markings suitable to add to the scheme of your choice and include Corogard wing panels.
The 737-300 kit is extremely well moulded with very fine detail on all components, the panel lines being exceptionally clear and fine, and not depicted as the great grooves so often found in many kits. In some ways the detail is too great. The minute pitot heads for the forward fuselage are just about manageable, but the very small pitots either side of the fin are so tiny that you can hardly pick them up with tweezers, let alone trim off any sprue left when they are cut from the frames. The same applies to the navigation light on top of the fuselage.
The fuselage halves are moulded without windows, but a clear cockpit area is provided if you wish to do some surgery and fit it so that you can have clear cockpit windows. The rudder is a separate component to the fin and looks very realistic when fitted. All the components fit very well, and little filler was required anywhere. Optional winglets are provided. Although not mentioned in the exploded-view assembly guide, ballast will be required to prevent tail sitting. The extensive decal sheet, printed by Cartograf, provides a wealth of emergency, caution, and other stencil markings, as well as windows, walkways, doors, etc. I’m sure that whichever colour scheme you plan to finish your model in, you will find all the stencils you need on this sheet. Many stencils are provided in white, black and red to cover any fuselage colour. Good drawings indicate their positions. This is an excellent kit.

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