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Bo 105

16 Jul

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Kit: Bo 105 PAH 1/VBH Scale: 1:48

Kit type: Injection moulded Decal options: (four) two PAH 1, ‘Round-Up Team’, Regiment 16, Heeresflieger, Celle; two Во 105M (VBH), Heeresfliegerstaffel 4 ‘Fly-Out 1994’, Straubing-Mitterharthausen, Bavaria UK price: £7.99 Website: www. revell. de
This is another of Revell’s kits with its parts in dark green plastic and its sprues sealed in bags. Either of two versions of the Bo 105 can be built from the kit, a PAH 1 belonging to the ‘Round-up-Team’ and carrying a set of six HOT missile launchers, or a Bo 105 VBH of ‘Fly Out 1994’ in very colourful markings when the unit disbanded in Bavaria.
The kit contains four sprues holding 100 parts to produce an interesting anti-tank helicopter well known in service for its manoeuvrability. Two separate pages of the instruction booklet have five-view drawings for each version, with camouflage patterns and jecal placement clearly indicated. The latter is in numerical form, making it easy to locate all the tiny decals that detail the kit. In common with many other Revell kits, colour reference is by Revell paint numbers, with no F. S. or cross-reference to other paint systems. Construction was carried out by simply following the instruction sheet. The first area to be assembled is the cockpit, with two seats forward and a three-place bench at the rear. Seat straps are moulded onto the front seats in such a way as to make them easy to paint. The areas for the placement of instrument panel decals are also indicated. Interior details include foot pedals and control columns. There is, however, a lack of detail to areas such as the cabin interior walls, or the interiors of doors. There is hardly any flash and the surface detail of the parts is very neatly done. The box art is quite useful for reference in adding further detail. Among such possible details is a brightly coloured fire extinguisher positioned in the footwell area of the starboard front seat, and transmission cables which connect from a rectangular pylon to the back of the instrument panel. Another very pronounced detail which is missing in the kit is a 1.5-mm diameter strut that connects the HOT missile launch tube pylon to the fuselage on both sides. A small rectangular guard plate also needs to be add to the starboard side of the upper fuselage close to the exhaust duct. It is apparent that the pictures on the side of the box which illustrate the finished model are of another version of the helicopter, where the cable detail was covered with a front panel, and are therefore of little use as reference for the kit inside.
There is an aft bulkhead that separates the front crew compartment from the engine compartment. The fuselage all fits together well and there was only a small area on the roof and another under the fuselage that required filling with a small quantity of putty. The main rotor hub is quite well represented for this scale and one may decide if the rotor is to be left free to rotate. The undercarriage skids are of reasonable scale dimensions, so care needs to be taken when parting these from the runner to preserve their smooth continuous edges. Care is also needed to ensure that these dry with the correct angle and alignment when glued into place. In addition, the engine assembly contains control links which are close to the rotor head and care is needed not to break any of these. Turning to the cockpit glazing, the clear parts come in a separate bag. They are well moulded and very clear, with fine rivet detail on their framework in a style typical of Revell. They are also thin in section and showcase any additional work that the modeller puts into the interior of the cockpit. The transparent pieces fit well with no effort whatsoever. With all the major parts in place, I noticed that no ballast weight would be needed in the forward fuselage area, since the skids are long enough to hold the model level.
The dark grey and green camouflaged Bo 105s catered for in the kit will certainly satisfy the modeller keen on helicopters, since they include standard markings or highly attractive colourful markings, complete with a full set of coloured HOT missile tubes. The six HOT tubes carry three different colours and when assembled on their launchers add a real nationalistic flair to the Bo 105. the tubes are complete with a full set of minute decals.
This kit builds into a fine replica of the Bo 105 and it is certainly recommended to any category of modeller.

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