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Airplane f 16

10 Aug

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F-16 Fighting Falcon in £9.70 Though there is no mention of then, needless to say, the

Action Website: the fact anywhere in the book, ‘Viper’ has undergone count-

Lou Drendel www. squadron. com this is an update of the same less changes and numerous

Squadron/Signal title released in 1982. Since subtypes have been added.


But if you have the old edition, keep it, because the new one concentrates by far on the later marks of the F-16.

The 48-page, horizontal-format book follows the familiar style of the 35-year-old In Action series (this is, incredibly, No. 196 in the series). In addition to detail drawings, the book contains a centre spread with seven colour renderings. However, departing from the strict profile style common to these drawings, these are drawn from several different perspectives, which is a nice and helpful touch. In addition to the colour painting on the front cover, two more are included on the back cover.
As mentioned before, the book goes heavily toward the later С and D marks, as well as the ‘CJ’ models used in the Wild Weasel anti-radar role. Also covered are the F-16NS used by the Navy for dissimilar air combat training. There is, at the beginning of the book, a brief overview of the development of the aircraft, and the by now familiar story of how it beat out the YF-17 in a fly-off for the US Air Force’s new lightweight fighter in the 1970s. Of course, the YF-17 went on the become the great F/A-18 Hornet so, in the event, there were no losers in that affair – except, perhaps, Northrop.
Much more has changed since the original 1982 book. For instance, there are now no fewer than 20 foreign operators of the F-16, some of them using aircraft license built in various nations. Some have had modifications to fit the tactics and equipment used by their foreign operators, and in some cases the fire control systems have been changed to use non-US weapons.
The book contains a number of photographs not commonly seen, and a number shot just for this volume, including some nice close-up detail images.
For anyone planning to model a Viper, particularly one of the later ones, such as those represented by the recent Tamiya and Academy kits in 1:32 scale, this book will be invaluable. Otherwise, it’s just a nice addition to a collection of books from the
In Action series.

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