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Archive for February, 2012

Vgt 2000 ultrasonic

28, Feb 2012

Tweet The Airbrush Company, UK importers for Iwata and Lifecolor, have passed on a number of the latest new products to arrive in their catalogue, and as committed airbrushing exponents, SAMI is pleased

Tweet As I’m sure you are aware by now (pay attention at the back there!), IPMS/USA is split into 13 regions. Each of these regions is encouraged to hold an annual convention, making

Me 109

21, Feb 2012

Tweet Throughout the period of 1940 while lll./JCB 3 was operating over France and the Channel, most of the ‘Emils’ of its 9. Staffel retained their pale

Tweet Lavochkin La-11 ‘Fang’ ‘Yellow 26’, 351st IAP, Shanghai area China received its first

Me 264 Amerika bomber

15, Feb 2012

Tweet In the Book Reviews section of SAM 27/5

Phantom II

12, Feb 2012

Tweet  As we progress through the book, aircraft with higher performances come to the fore, including the Canberra, Voodoo and Phantom II. All these aircraft and many more are detailed

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