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Big love handles

28, Dec 2011

Tweet When the AEW Nimrod was being tested I heard rumours that the type was going to be renamed as the Toucan because two radars can work better than one, certainly it had a massive bill!

Tweet While the techniques for dealing with clear parts were touched on in Part 3, here I go over the preparation of these parts in more detail.

TweetUsing an airbrush is like writing – everyone’s style and technique is slightly different. In order to develop yours, practice, practice, practice. Begin by choosing an easy fluid that does not need complex mixing and is easily cleaned, such as ink or food colouring

Tweet Picking up from last month where I described how to deal with transparent parts, here I discuss the subject of canopies

Tweet Vic Scheuerman continues his back-to-basics series using a Seafire as his example, describing the techniques

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