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23 Aug

airplane kits

For those interested in building just about any of the myriad versions of the U-2 spy-plane, Cutting Edge has always been the go-to company. The firm’s catalogue has an entire section devoted exclusively to literally dozens of resin conversion and upgrade parts for the 1:48 Testor kits.
Here is the ultimate set of decals for the oddball U-2s. This two-sheet set has markings for no fewer than a dozen CIA and NASA machines, beginning with a pair of rare and interesting subjects. A mere five days after the notorious shoot-down and capture of U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, the CIA had repainted two of its precious ‘articles’ in fake markings and displayed them to the press at NASA’s newly-formed facility at Edwards AFB. Markings for both machines are included here; one in NASA livery, the other, for some unknown reason, in the earlier, by then obsolete, yellow fin band with the winged logo of the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics.
This sheet is probably the first to feature decals for the two-seat trainer version of the ‘Dragon Lady’, which can be built from the Testor/ltaleri kits (the early U-2C airframe based on the ancient Hawk kit, and the later TR-1/U-2R kit from entirely new moulds). Cutting Edge makes resin two-seat conversion sets for both early and late models.
In addition to the trainers and spook machines, there are markings here for the legitimate ER-2 used for high-altitude sampling and other experiments. All ER-2s are in the white NASA livery with blue fuselage stripes, and the various changes to NASA logos and other markings over the years are well represented. The Air Force/CIA trainers were also usually white, though there is an interesting machine here with a white fuselage that is black from the break rearward, and another in natural metal with a с hro mate-green equipment spine. For fans of the U-2, and even casual builders, this set may just be a must-have, even at a somewhat steep price. But for the money, given the quality of the decals on the two sheets, and the exceptional detail of the five pages of colour profiles and scrap views, it’s well worth it.

electric model planes

Cutting Edge has produced its first of what will be several sheets for the new Trumpeter kit of the Vought A-7E Corsair II. The machine represented here is the CAG bird (BuNo. 160552) from VA-72 ‘Blue Hawks’ aboard USS John F. Kennedy, painted in a rare sand-and-brown disruptive wraparound scheme. The markings leave no doubt about where this bird has been to war, and it wears 31 camel silhouettes as mission markings. The aircraft is painted with the word ‘DESERT’ on its port wing uppersurface, and ‘STORM’ to starboard. Stencils, warning markings and national insignia are all in black as is, in fact, the entire sheet. While this could be a liability on just about any other aircraft, the preponderance of black simply keeps the markings from detracting from an unusual and attractive paint scheme, which is very well represented in every view and some scrap views on the colour instruction and placement sheet.

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