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1 32 scale

20 Aug

how to build model planes

This sheet covers Fw 190F-8 ‘Black 3’, 5./SG 2, Aufhausen, Germany, 8 May 1945; Fw 190F-8 ‘Chevron Yellow 5’, Luftflotte 4, Ansbach, Germany,
May 1945; Fw 190F-8 ‘Chevron Triangle Green 1’, lll./SG 10, April 1945; and Fw 190F-9 W. Nr 428639 ‘Green Double Chevron’, Luftflotte 4, Neubiberg, Germany, summer 1945. As well as Eagle Cal’s usual detailed decal placement instructions, this set also includes a double-sided A4 sheet of photographs.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample

corgi diecast aircraft models

Two aircraft are covered by this

Eagle Strike 32-066 1:32 Imperial Hayate Pt 2 £7.95 www. eaglestrike productions. com

sheet: Ki-84 Type KOU, flown by 1st Lt Imoto, Army Special Attack Force, 182nd Shinbu-Tai, August 1945 and Ki-84 Type KOU, flown by Corporal Takano, 57th Shinbu-Tai, May 1945.

Eagle Strike 32-067 1:32 Imperial Hayate Pt 3 £8.50 www. eaglestrike productions. com

military airplane models

Again, two aircraft feature: Ki-84a, 29th Air Combat Regiment, HQ Company, Taichu, Formosa, summer 1945 and Ki-84a, 520th Temporary Interception

Regiment, Nakatsu Airfield, Japan, March 1945.

airline model planes

ELITE DECALS 48004/32004 1:48/1:32 F-16 Nose Art Gulf War Hot Cock/Death Dealer: 363 TFW £7.95/£9.15 www. isradecal. com

Available in 1:48 and 1:32 scales, these two-sheet sets cover two 363rd TFW machines with ‘nose art’: Hot Cock, a machine with an overheated bird being cooled by a pair of female figures and Death Dealer, which features a futuristic ‘knight’ figure. The ‘nose art’ was applied to these machines during the 1991 conflict using chalks – should authority demand its rapid removal. Until IsraDecal pioneered the use of a new printing process for these sets, the correct rendering of this in decal form has been impossible.

Thanks to IsraDecal for the review sample

High Planes D4811

1:48 Beaufighter Mk II 789 and 798 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm

£11.99 www. hiplanes. dragnet. com. au


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